About us

Our Executive Team

We are a 21st century US based Global Management Consultancy company focused on organizations. We are here to help your organization seize opportunities and grow exponentially in today’s intensely competitive global market.

Daniel Cherian

Daniel Cherian, Founder and President, is a successful entrepreneur driven by a passion for innovation and backed by decades of experience across a wide range of industry sectors. He strives for excellence in purpose-driven performance and client satisfaction while serving the global community with creative business solutions. He holds over 40 years’ experience in human resources in the automotive, airline, shipping, oil trading, and healthcare industries. In addition to talent acquisition and staffing, he has several years’ personal experience in real estate investment. He welcomes opportunities to foster the relocation, development, and financial prosperity of international investors and businesses.  

Vijay Chakravarty

Vijay Chakravarty, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, is an innovative entrepreneurial visionary with a passion for global business development and the introduction of innovative products and services that contribute towards improving customer experience. With over 37 years’ experience in the Air Transport, Airline, Management Consultancy, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Digital Transformation industries. Vijay specialises in "full potential" digital transformations involving strategy, performance improvement, customer loyalty and organizational effectiveness that result in a meaningful, long-term increase in enterprise value. Vijay has global business experience and extensive networks in the Middle East, Asia, Australasia, UK, Europe and North America markets.

Raj Andrade

Raj Andrade, Chief Commercial Officer, a seasoned C-level executive with a proven track record of transforming strategic vision into reality. Raj is known for achieving corporate growth objectives by providing direction, critical thinking, diverse perspective, and positive leadership. A thought leader with the adeptness to harness talent and technology to innovate business models and processes, he has successfully forged solid relationships with strategic partners and stakeholders across industries and led global cross-functional teams with a focus on innovation and implementation of unique solutions. His key skills and abilities include - Strategic Planning, Business Transformation and Value Creation, Corporate Leadership, Shareholder Management, Global Alliance Strategy, Change Management, Critical Thinking, Inter-personal & Coaching Skills and Cultural Quotient. With over 40 years of experience in a variety of roles covering Leadership, Aviation Commercial Management, Non-Profit and Consultancy, Raj’s career has spanned successful stints with Trans World Airlines, United Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, Teen Challenge Inc, Peak Performance International & Leader Impact Group, Bangalore International Airport and AISATS. Based in the Middle East, UK, US, Canada and now India, Raj brings a deep knowledge of commercial enterprise and insight to the organization.